Infekted Zone

Infekted vibes led to infekted thoughts.

We're an open canvas our hope is to influence an outbreak of infectious good vibes. 

"Life is too short to wait, and the only way to live on is to fight back. It infects everything not only people, my favourite vintage shop, bookstore, bar, they're all different, wait that's not how my morning coffee used to taste like, nor my playlist used to sound like and this is not the metro I used to take to go to Abby’s place. This's not how I spend weekends, everything is so infected.


"Infekted Zone" is an ongoing abstract art project

its only purpose is to cause an outbreak

of good contagious vibes."




Born in Saudi Arabia, raised in Egypt and Based in Hamburg Abdelrahman Galal aka I___Z is a visual artist and designer. He is best known for his art project “Infekted Zone” that has a vibrant and solid message on mental health amid the pandemic. “It doesn’t only infects us, it infects everything around”.


I___Z holds Bachelor degree in Computer graphics engineering 2010-FEEM Egypt as well as an art direction diploma from Miami Ad school Europe 2019 Hamburg-Germany.


In 2019-2020 he was among best 200 digital artists in the world by Lürzer's Archive magazine as well being globally recognized by different design and art festivals such as Communication arts, ADC, Montreux Golden Awards, Clio, Andy, NY festival, Graphics International Design and the Webby Awards.

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