Pure Sensuality

Ella Lugins' Fineart Photography


In 2000, Ella Lugin began to explore digital photography. In this gallery we show the fine art work of the artist Ella Lugin.

In the series FLOWERS, BLOSSOMS & BOTANY Ella takes flowers, blossoms and botanicals out of their natural environment to give them a new interpretation about pure aesthetics and meanings. Through careful lighting, Ella creates floral portraits of noble beauty with a sometimes mysterious aura. The petal of the poppy plant unfolds a centered lightness in the work 'Mandala', with leaves moving around the center like waving silk. In the work 'Animus', the 'concentrated masculinity' of the anthurium flower literally makes an appearance. Or 'Pans Ear', where the calyx of a small carnivorous plant on a dark background looks like the ear of Pan, the Greek god of the forest with the goat's feet. 

In the series 'FEMININITY Digital Collages' Ella deals with the female force of gentleness and power. In each case she uses one of her fine art pieces on which she composes her symbolic works.