to application procedure for TMF Promotion Services & Annual Draw for a stay in TMF Artist Residency

  1. The application to our promotion services is exclusively for photographers, digital visual designers, digital painters and video artists;

  2. The submission of the works and the evaluation through our art professionals is free of charge for the artist.

  3. We will decide within 14 days whether or not the submitted artwork is eligible for the feature in the TMF Art Show and the other services. If the artist does not hear from us within 14 days of submission, his/her work has not been included. We do not communicate the cancellation; 

  4. An artist who has been accepted for promotion services can always submit new works and book services. 

  5. If an artist is selected for our promotion services, the artist will be invoiced for the service of their choice. The services come into effect upon payment of the full fee. Payment of the invoice must be made within 7 days. If the invoice is not paid, no service will be provided and the submitted works will be deleted from our computers;

  6. Each artist may enter up to 3 artworks. Artwork must be newly created and not sold;

  7. All entries must be submitted electronically through the provided upload link. Before uploading your art, make shure you have labeled your files correctly: >title-name-surname< 

  8. Artists who have booked our promotion services are automatically entered into the annual draw to win a stay at the TMF ARTIST RESIDENCE in Locarno the italian and mediterranean part of Switzerland.

  9. The enclosed entries must be original work, independently created and executed. No copies from other artists' works or paintings/drawings from other artists' photographs or from published material will be allowed. Excluded is royalty-free and lizence-free source material purchased on stock platforms, which is further processed by the artist; 

  10. By submitting your artwork you will be giving TMF Gallery permission to use this in their promotional material for their services and projects. All selected artists give permission for images from the vernissage, exhibition and online presentation, with credit to the artist, to be used for future publicity by the gallery;

  11. The rights for each artwork stay with the artist;

  12. The applicants agree that their email data will be used by TMF and their sponsors to inform them about future opportunities, updates and news;

  13. PHOTOGRAPHERS - Your pictures will not be physically exhibited but published exclusively via digital media and up to large display screens. This means for photographers that we need very good files of your work. We do not exhibit prints or physical works;

  14. If one of the shown digital works is purchased through our network, we charge a commission of 35%. The payment processing is done through us. The artist gets a detailed receipt minus 35% commission and delivers the work to the buyer via download link;

  15. Upon successful marketing of digital art (Crypto Art - Non Fungible Token) represented via TMF 'NFT' GALLERY on one or more NFT ART platforms, TMF will receive 35% of the sale price or revenue through auctions. TMF GALLERY invests in the artists and has already incurred high expenses in advance. TMF GALLERY will select from all competition entries (regardless of rankings) artists that are suitable for marketing via NFT platforms. After the artist's consent, the work will be processed and placed specifically for placement as NFT art. For this purpose, the original work must be sent to TMF GALLERY. The rights always remain with the artist. A contract will be drawn up.

  16. When video art and also photographs are booked in the near future for display shows in public places and event venues, it is free advertising and marketing for the artists paid through TMF GALLERY. In the case of certain cooperations on the part of TMF with event venues, royalties are paid to the artist upon agreement.  If artists agree to show their work, he/she is obliged to deliver the video work with the necessary technical specifications. A cooperation agreement is always drawn up. 

  17. If a video work is licensed for a third party display show, TMF Gallery will receive a 30% commission from the artist. 

  18. TMF GALLERY reserves the right to adjust competition prizes. If problems arise with the execution of presentations, online or physical, (for example, restrictions or complications due to Covid-19 regulations, higher power, uncontrollable occurrences), the winning prizes will be adjusted and this will be communicated in an email.

  19. Transparent communication between the parties is important to us. Terms & Conditions can be adjusted at any time.